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"The Next Frontier of Weed Management" 

Autonomous flight operations

Manual flight operation
Terrain following at set elevation

Computer controlled grid applications

UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are very specific, very targeted, and very precise. With a UAV, we can treat greater areas with less volume. Most ground sprayers can't negotiate tough terrain such as sloping ground, but our drones can! 


Inaccessible terrain capability
No footprint on ground
Precise controlled spray deposition (much more precise than helicopters)

Reduced collateral damage 

Reduced applicator exposure

Reduced herbicide use

Reduced drift issues

Cost effective

UAV's offer two other invaluable benefits:

                Safety and Efficiency 

It allows herbicide to be placed exactly where we want it, without having to treat the whole field, hillside or slope. And it keeps our employees from attempting hazardous terrain with ATV/UTV and/or backpacks. 

~FAA Registered and Part 107 Certified

Check out a video of the drone in use here:

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