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Where We've Been

 The Weed Guys routinely work on prominent Montana ranches' and waterways, but a good portion of our time is spent doing jobs in the 1-100 acre range as well.


Don't hesitate to give us a call, or shoot us an email no matter the size of the area you need treated!

As current members of the Montana Weed Control Association, we take pride in our work.

Here we've added a snapshot of some of the bigger jobs we've done.

Smith River~

- we have spent the last 5 years treating campgrounds, riverbanks, surrounded

natural and private land to get control over invasive weeds such as leafy spurge, thistle, and hounds tongue

- all done via raft equipment, backpack sprayers, and camping gear

~ Here is a link to the Smith River Habitat Project

RY Timber~

- approximately 375 acres of hand logged unit areas

- area straddled/surrounded Helena water supply (Chessman Reservoir) at 8,000 ft. elevation  

- all done via backpack sprayers 

Devil's Kitchen Ranch~

- 19,000 acre remote ranch with very rough, rugged terrain 

- massive amount of spotted knapweed along roadways and spreading uphill

- all done via six wheelers

Broadwater Canal~

- 55 miles of primary water distribution canals for Broadwater County 

- multiple year contract

- all done via six wheelers

Yellowstone River~

- 56 river miles across Stillwater County, targeting invasive Salt Cedar tree's on the riverbanks and islands

- all done via motorized river boat 

BIA Ashland, MT~

- 505 acres of Russian Knapweed

- reclaimed abused/neglected land for crop productions

- all done via six wheelers 

Stillwater River~

- leafy spurge on 32 miles of inaccessible river banks

- all done via raft equipment, and backpack sprayers



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