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Where We've Been

The Weed Guys routinely work on prominent Montana ranches' and waterways, but a good portion of our time is spent doing jobs in the 10-1,000 acre range as well.


Don't hesitate to give us a call, or shoot us an email no matter the size of the area you need treated!

As current members of the Montana Weed Control Association, we take pride in our work.

Here's a snapshot of a few of the jobs we've done.

Smith River~

- We have spent the last 10+ years treating campgrounds, riverbanks, surrounded

natural and private land to get control over invasive weeds such as leafy spurge, thistle, and hounds tongue

- all done via raft equipment, backpack sprayers, and camping gear

~ Here is a link to the Smith River Habitat Project

Northwestern Energy~

- 2,000+ acres of spotted knapweed, white top, and thistle control throughout Giant Springs State Park in Great Falls

- control of noxious weeds in sensitive areas close to dams as well as ther Missouri river

- applications are done using Polaris 6x6s, and a jet boat for hard-to-reach terrain along the water's edge 

Devil's Kitchen Ranch~

- 19,000 acre remote ranch with very rough, rugged terrain 

- massive amount of spotted knapweed along roadways and spreading uphill

- all done via six wheelers

Broadwater Canal~

- 55 miles of primary water distribution canals for Broadwater County 

- multiple year contract

- all done via six wheelers

Missouri River~

- controlling noxious weed infestations on the larger islands between Holter Dam and the town of Cascade

- 30+ river miles all done via jet boat

Malmstrom Air Force Base~

- 3,000+ acres of various weed species on base in Great Falls

- reclaimed abused/neglected land, old roadbeds, runways, and construction areas

- all done via six wheelers 

Stillwater River~

- leafy spurge on 32 miles of inaccessible river banks

- all done via raft equipment, and backpack sprayers


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