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Noxious Non-Native
Weed Treatment  

The Weed Guys specialize in rough terrain, and hard to reach areas.

Here's a little rundown of areas we've been:

- small acreage to multi-section ranches 

- rough terrain, tough access, steep slopes

- logging and previously logged areas

- waterways: rivers, lakes, irrigation canals

- roads, and road right of way, including cut/fill/slopes

- mountains, pastures, ditches, and riparian areas


Standard Impact Monitoring Protocol, or SIMP Lot, is an industry recognized vegetation management system, and another functioning branch of West River Land Management. After attending several courses and meetings with trained professionals, we have learned the skill of conducting SIMP Lot tests, experiments, and data collection processes while out in the field. This practice is extremely useful in order to gain hard evidence of range 



~We have been working closely with the Smith River Habitat Project, collecting and analyzing data for future use towards

preventative maintenance on the bank's of the majestic Smith River. 

Rivers and
Irrigation Canals

We are well equipped for those pesky weeds lingering over river banks, irrigation canals, and other water ways. Using an array of specialized rafting equipment, cold and warm weather camping gear, and a large collection of mobile sprayers, we can treat weeds near any kind of water.

GPS Plotting

Using GPS mapping programs and devices, we can accurately plot out land. This means knowing exactly where we have sprayed, while also gaining detailed descriptions of where weed patches are located so that we can return to those exact spots later on in the season, or the following season, and make sure each weed is affectively treated. 

Range Land

Needing feed for your livestock? Missing that precious grass that your field once had? Our boom-less nozzles can dial in to achieve straight lines, and our long range hoses can reach up to 300 ft. This helps us revive that luscious green grass that once thrived.

How do we do it?

- new equipment, always clean

- initial and continual control

- field/terrain locating and spot spraying

- careful spraying around sensitive areas

- boomless broadcast field spraying

- cost share program assistance

- GIS/GPS mapping recording

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