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Since 2011, West River Land Management has been taking care of Montana's precious grass and range land's. Whether it be flat and smooth, or steep and bumpy, The Weed Guys can be there to treat it. With our state of the art equipment, we have affectively

treated thousands and thousands of acres of range land to enhance natural grass productions in Montana.

A Tradition

West River was created on the basis of family, hard work, and a vision for a more beautiful tomorrow. Treating noxious, non-native weeds in Montana means a Montana that looks, feels, and smells just as it did when our ancestor's first arrived here on this breath-taking land. Maintaining Montana's natural state is a tradition we at West River hope to carry on, as we are a family of native Montanans.


With the demand for weed control being at a peak, we have made changes accordingly to make sure we can handle any invasive weed problem you might have. We continually upgrade our equipment, and figure out new ways to reach more and more weeds. We can handle anything big or small, and we're willing to do the tough stuff!

Meet the Team

Nigel Davis P.E.~ Founder of West River Land Management, Nigel was born in Butte, MT and attended college in Bozeman, MT. He is a civil engineer with 28 years experience in structural and airport engineering. He is also an avid outdoorsman and pilot with over 30 years flying experience. He runs the operation!

Jami Davis~ Co-Founder of West River Land Management and wife of Nigel. Jami is the office manager with an accounting degree, and 28 years of management analyst experience. She is a fill in crew member when needed and support person extraordinaire. And she makes a mean lunch!

Colter Sternhagen~ A crew lead of 3 years, and son of Nigel and Jami, Colter is a college graduate, and is the creativity guy. He keeps our webpage running, and works on music in his free time! 

Marquette Davis~Daughter of Nigel and Jami, she is a recent college graduate helping out the folks for another year! She keeps the crew on task. Her motto is, "We get the five!" This means we'll get any weeds, anywhere!

Leah DavisAlso daughter of Nigel and Jami, Leah is going to school in Bozeman as an architecture student. She is an outdoor adventurer and enjoys working outside in the beautiful weather! She keeps the mood light and fun.

Mike Rogan~ Mechanic, and crew lead for the last 4 years, Mike has over 30 years experience as a certified aircraft mechanic. He also is a pilot with over 30 years of flying experience. He keeps the team upbeat with his infectious, jovial personality. He also keeps our rigs up and running, and that's no small task!

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